Why My Dog Does Not Eat: Causes & Solutions

Dog Avoiding Food

Is your dog avoiding food? Do you offer your dog his favorite food still he denies? If yes, this can be a very distressing situation and could have a variety of reasons behind this. It is essential to determine the cause to use the right treatment plan.

First of all, find how much your dog now eats. If your dog would not eat, it may be anorexia in which he lost his appetite completely. And, other reasons behind losing appetite could be as given below.

What Causes Your Dog Won’t Eat?

  1. Illness Or Fever is common that causes decreased appetite in dogs.
  2. Dental Issues like pain in the tooth, loose tooth, oral tumors and more
  3. Vaccination is essential to save your pets, but it sometimes causes temporary loss of appetite.
  4. Unfamiliar Surroundings & Travel can cause motion sickness, nervousness and feel him uncomfortable in new places.

Solutions If Your Dog Won’t Eat

  • You never know what the reason behind the decreased appetite in your dog is, it could be an environmental change, illness or severe dental issue to tackle the problem. You will need to take your dog to your vet for the checkup before the condition could become worse. The vet may recommend prescription diet as per the nutritional needs while underlying disease that is being addressed.
  • If your pet decreased appetite due to environmental change, you could do several things to encourage him to eat rather than providing medicine such as taking your pet for a walk, grooming, feed him alone, add a variety of items in his food and more.

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