What to Expect at Humberwood Animal hospital

When you come to Humberwood Animal hospital, you can expect quality veterinarian services from a team of qualified veterinarians who have performed hundreds of spay and neuter operations for both cats and dogs. In your search for a safe vet care, we believe that you should always choose the best services for your pet.

We have a pet health care team that comprises talented vets and staff ready to provide you with the right veterinary health care. Whether it is spay for cat or neuter for dog, we are committed to safe pet surgeries and it is reflected in our experience.

When you Walk In

The moment you enter our facility, we provide care to your pet by giving it a comfortable environment. A complete check up of the pet reveals the suitability for spay or neuter operations. This thorough investigation further reveals whether your pet has other health concerns that may hamper surgery. Our staff ensures that your pet is comfortable and cooperates well during the examination. You will be kept in loop so you know what our vets do during the process. The entire process is transparent.

All the changes in your pet's behavior are well documented and we take care of any mood swings. If all goes well, we study the reports and discuss with you about next steps. We recommend surgery only when the pet is totally well and ready to undergo a spay/neuter surgery. We can also study complete medical history of the pet to make changes to the recommendations.

Calm & Compassionate Veterinarians

Our veterinarians are compassionate about pet health care services. And it helps when the veterinarian is calm and composed besides being qualified. We also make sure the entire stay of your pet is comfortable for faster recovery. General risks associated with spay and neuter surgeries are addressed well in our facility. Also, we provide relevant care post the surgery. Our staff guides the pet owners about the precautions to be taken during the post surgery stage.

Our veterinarians undertake spay and neuter surgeries with complete care and in full cooperation with pet owners. You can expect much more than mere good quality pet health care services.

Talk to our veterinarians today to discuss more about spay neuter surgeries.