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Nationwide, countless pets are voluntarily subjected to euthanasia due to the fear of spreading virus. The only way to save these animals is spaying or neutering. Their healthier future lies in your hands. By quick and simple procedure of spaying you can reduce the number of deaths or at least these innocent pets will be saved from dying on the streets. Don't think twice before lending a helping hand to a puppy or a kitten.

Humberwood Animal hospital in Scarborough is having right technology and equipments for a successful spay/neuter surgery on your pets and that is what we have been doing for years. Our doctors are registered & licensed to take care of your all pet health concerns. Our ultimate mission is to eliminate euthanasia and we mean it.

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Why Should You Consider Spaying/Neutering Your Pet?

  • Controls Population

    Scarborough has many homeless animals. Some of them get adopted while the remaining are euthanized regardless of their health condition. Cats and dogs tend to be more prolific than the humans. This pushes the government authorities to take a forceful action like euthanasia against them. Practicing spaying or neutering can be effective to control their population. This act could prove a great deed of yours towards stopping animal cruelty.

  • Increase Life Span

    Sterilization has found to be an effective technique which promotes good health in the animals. As a result, can increase the life span of your furry friend. Altering your canine companion also reduces the risk of developing tumors, prostate cancer and various other fatal diseases. Therefore, it would be wise to alter your furry friend prior to developing any disease.

  • Control Behavior

    Castrating your dog or spaying a cat makes him/her eliminate their urge to roam. The risk of contracting diseases also gets minimized to a great extent. It has been seen that most of the dogs who have suffered from accidents are unaltered. Few diseases like feline immunodeficiency syndrome can spread just with a bite. Unspayed cats are always at risk of catching infection.

  • Prevent Life Threatening Diseases

    Spaying in pets has found to be effective in preventing ovarian cancer and other deadly diseases like uterus infection. The best time to spay a female pet is just before her first heat. This will provide her the best health cover to keep diseases at bay.

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