Digital X-Rays & Pet Ultrasound in Toronto

Digital X-Rays & Pet Ultrasound in Toronto

Pet injuries are less visible due to their furry skin coat. If you notice that your dog or cat is walking disabled, take him/her to the local veterinary hospital in Toronto. By diagnosing each and every body part, a veteran can make sure whether there is a muscular stretch or a serious internal injury. Since such injuries are rarely visible, a digital x-ray or an ultrasound may be advised.

At Humberwood Animal Hospital, we provide veterinary digital x-rays and diagnosis to determine the internal injuries and underlying illness in pets. We are equipped with the diagnostic tools which act as a non-invasive method for obtaining the clear and easy-to-understand inner body images.

Digital X-rays in Pets

Digital X-rays are used to evaluate the inner body functions for almost any organ in the body, including the heart, lungs, abdomen and other major body parts. These rays are also helpful in assessing the condition of the bones for serious ailments like tumors, obstructions, arthritis, and much more. Our veterans provide digital X-rays services in Toronto.

Some benefits of our digital X-rays are:
  • Faster & convenient than traditional X-rays.
  • Sharp & clear images for accurate diagnosis.
  • Real-time image viewing with fewer retakes
  • Less radiation exposure to your injured pet

Ultrasound Diagnosis

At Humberwood Animal Hospital, our team of veterans provide pet ultrasound services in Toronto to diagnose any internal organ failure, including the heart, liver, gallbladder, spleen, and kidneys. It is also beneficial for monitoring pregnancy health in breeding pets.

To diagnose an ill health condition in the shorter time, ultrasound plays a great role. It is a non- surgical method for evaluating the heart beat of an ill pet. To prevent any serious medical condition, get your pet diagnosed on time. Whenever you notice that your dog or cat is not active or not eating properly, don't ignore their condition at all.

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