Affordable Spaying Services For Female Dogs & Cats

Spaying is a surgical procedure performed by veterinarians that render female dogs and cats incapable of breeding by removing their reproductive organs.

At Humberwood Animal hospital, we prevent your pet from getting pregnant by removing both the ovaries and the uterus – it may be a major surgery – but you can rest easy knowing that your darling girl will be recovered in a few days. Afterward, she'll enjoy numerous health benefits and both of you will not have to deal with her being in heat. Unless you plan to breed your female pet, spay her.

Ever experienced an aggressive female jumping gates, digging under fences, and bolting through doors? A female pet with raging hormones could bring quite undesirable consequences. We can put you both at ease. Our veterinarians have the right skills and experience to make the spaying process smooth for you and your furry friend.

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We serve Mississauga, Brampton. Toronto, Scarborough, Vaughan and Markham.

Why Should You Spay Your Female Dog or Cat?

  • Heat can be messy and embarrassing. During a heat period, the female genitals swell. She will have a discharge, which can stain your furniture and your carpet. She may spend most of her time licking private parts and encouraging male dogs to mount her. A female pet in heat can be smelled by males from a far distance making it difficult for you to take walks together.
  • Heat periods can upset your plans. It may be needed to delay the vacations and trips since there are many opportunities for your female pet to escape. Friends and family may not appreciate a visit when your pet has a bloody discharge. And, leaving an unspayed female in a kennel or with a pet sitter is very risky because of the extreme requirements for vigilance.
  • Spaying prevents uterine infections. Unspayed females are very likely to develop pyometra – a uterine infection. It's a life-threatening condition that swells up the uterus with toxic pus and the only treatment is an emergency spay, even though your pet is already sick from the infection and could be elderly. Spay your dog while she is still young and healthy.
  • Spaying prevents unwanted pregnancies. If your female pet becomes pregnant, she will be vulnerable to the potential risks of pregnancy, such as death trying to give birth, or shortly after birth. Your darling girl was happy and healthy.... then suddenly she's gone.... simply because you did not get her spayed.

Beat the Heat With Our Spaying Services

Humberwood Animal hospital provides spay services to dogs and cats living in Mississauga, Brampton. Toronto, Scarborough, Vaughan and Markham. Our animal hospital takes the necessary steps to prepare for a pain-free, successful surgery. Our equipment sterilization techniques are similar to those used in human hospitals so the chances of infections or complications can be minimized.

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