Preventative Pet Health Care Services

Pet Health Services

Humberwood Animal hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital in Toronto, ON that offers a wide range of pet health care services to meet the special needs of your pets. Our services include routine preventative care, general veterinary medicines, lab work, and spay/neuter surgery. Our veterinarians strive to provide quality medical assistance to your pets. You do not need a referral to receive care and attention from our hospital.

Our veterinarians are skilled and qualified in treating a variety of pet health ailments. You can count on Humberwood Animal hospital from the time a new pet joins your family. We believe that a pet can stay happy and healthy only when the owner is aware of various pet health ailments and their effective treatments. That's why we educate pet owners about proper pet care and pet health problems.

Call our veterinarians at 416 213 0999 to discuss the current physical condition of your pet.

Our Pet Health Services Include:

  • Spay/Neuter Services – Humberwood Animal hospital provides affordable and effective spay/neuter surgery in Toronto and its surrounding areas. We aim to control the overpopulation of the pets along with ensuring their optimal health.
  • Vaccination – Vaccination plays a vital role in keeping your pets happy and healthy. A vaccinated pet lives a healthier and longer life than non-vaccinated pets. Our vets at Humberwood Animal hospital recommends periodic pet vaccination along with a thorough health examination.
  • Microchip – A microchip is a small device as small as a rice grain. This device is meant to provide additional security to your pets. Our veterinarians safely implant this chip under the pet's skin. Every microchip has a unique identification code that help owners to track their beloved pets easily.
  • Heartworms Testing – Our veterinarians perform heartworms testing to detect the presence of heartworms inside your pet. Heartworms are generally injected in the pet's body by mosquitoes. After blood test, our vets will provide medications to ensure that these worms don't breed inside your pet's body.
  • Laboratory Diagnostic Services –Our clinic offers complete diagnostic laboratory analysis to check for potential medical conditions in your pets. We aim to detect the potential health ailments before they get unmanageable.
  • Prescription Food – Our nutrition savvy veterinarians at Humberwood Animal hospital recommend special diets for your pets, according to their age, lifestyle and preference. A balanced diet is essential to maintain good health of your pets. It helps pets to combat various diseases and infections.

At Humberwood Animal hospital, our vets make sure that your pets receive the love and care they deserve. Apart from providing quality pet health care services in Toronto and its surrounding areas, we also educate pet owners about pet health care and pet health problems. We want to see every pet happy and healthy.

Call our veterinarians to know more about our pet health care services in Toronto.