General Pet Care Tips

Your dog or cat has just undergone spay/neuter or surgical sterilization. To ensure the safety of your pet, our spay neuter hospital in Mississauga suggests a few post-operative instructions. You need to take good care of your pet after the surgery. Keep in mind the following things to ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy after surgery.

  • Dogs and cats must be allowed to rest quietly until the next morning. Make sure you keep an eye on your pet as some vomiting might occur.
  • Feeding
    • Feed your adult pet with just ice cubes or ice chips, until following morning.
    • Puppies or kittens who are less than six months of age should be given little amount of food preferably mixed with water.
  • Restrict any physical activities for the next seven days. Don’t let your pet jump, run or play. Don’t take your pet outside and make sure he/she takes proper rest. You can start with the activities after one week, but that should be minimal.
  • Make sure to check incision daily for a week following surgery. If you find that it’s getting dirty, you can clean it with hydrogen peroxide and a cotton ball. A little seepage and swelling is normal. However, if there is excessive drainage or redness, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.
  • Don’t bathe your pet for at least two weeks. Just towel dry the incision area carefully.
  • Keep your pet and the area where he/she lives neat and clean. This is necessary to avoid the potential infection. For male cats, use shredded paper instead of litter for at least two weeks.
  • It is advised to buy an e-collar and make sure he/she wears it for at least seven days. E-collar will not let your pet lick the surgical area.
  • Male cats don’t receive any sutures, so you just need to check them for abnormal swelling.
  • Males may still get attracted towards the female cats that were in heat and if bred, internal sutures can cause immense internal damage. Make sure you isolate these females from unaltered males for at least a week to 10 days.

Pet owners should keep all these points in mind to ensure the safety of your dog or cat. If you require emergency assistance, you can contact our vets at our spay neuter hospital in Mississauga. Our veterinarians will take good care of your pet’s health care needs.

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