About Us

Humberwood Animal hospital is an animal clinic committed to reducing pet overpopulation and high euthanasia rates by offering quality and affordable spay and neuter services in Toronto. Our veterinarians have successfully performed various spay and neuter procedures. In addition, we also offer age-appropriate pet vaccinations at the time of surgery to ensure optimum health condition of your pets. We aim to reduce pet overpopulation through our affordable and reliable spay/neuter surgeries. Our vets make sure that every pet is treated with dignity and respect in our clinic.

Female Pet Spaying Surgery in Toronto

Pet spaying is essential to maintain the harmony between humans and animals. Spaying is an ideal method of controlling the unwanted population of pets. Humberwood Animal hospital provides female cat and dog spaying services after complete physical examination of the pet. Our experienced veterinarians have a successful track record of performing several spaying surgeries in Toronto.

Spaying is a medical procedure where the internal reproductive organs of the female pets are removed safely. Our veterinarians guide the pet owners about the dietary requirements of the pets after surgery to promote a speedy recovery.

Male Pet Neutering Surgery in Toronto

Our veterinarians perform cat and dog neutering surgeries to control the reproduction and maintain their optimum health condition. This surgery is completely safe and the pet starts living a normal life after a few days of rest. We perform neuter surgery after full health consultation. This surgery allows the pet to fit in the family environment better.

In most cases, our veterinarians discharge the pets on the same day. Our vets ensure to provide comfortable and clean environment to the pets in our clinic while surgery.

Our Values


Every animal that comes through our door is considered as a valued life. Our experienced veterinarians make a medically informed decision in the best interest of the animals.


We respect the strong bond between humans and animals and are compassionate in the decisions and actions we take to sustain the strong bond.


We can be trusted to do what we say. Our veterinarians make the right decisions not for the animals but also for their owners.

Pet owners look for experienced veterinarians when they think to spay or neuter their pets. Humberwood Animal hospital, are dedicated to provide quality pet health care services in Toronto. Our facility is equipped with the latest medical equipments to ensure that your pet gets the best medical care it deserves. Our staff is calm, friendly and will provide your pets homely feel.

Call our veterinarians to book an appointment for spay/neuter service in Toronto.