5 Possible Reasons for your Pet's Upset Stomach

Pets have similar health issues as do humans have. Since, they can not talk, expressing happiness and pain is both impossible for them. Therefore, pet owners are fully responsible for recognizing the problems their companions are suffering from. If your dog isn’t active, it’s a sure sign that he might be ill. The first thing need to be done is, noting down the unfamiliar signs and symptoms he’s exhibiting.

In majority of cases, stomach problems can compel a dog to behave differently. Maybe, he’ll start vomiting or stop eating food. Not only this, there are variety of stomach diseases, that can weaken their digestive system. Therefore, its crucial to prevent such diseases, so that your companion can live happily and actively.

Few reasons for a pet’s upset stomach are:

  1. Unhealthy food: They might have swallowed something which was unhygienic or wasn’t meant for eating. For example: chewed sticks, plastic items, toxic plants, wasted food or other chewing material. Its advised to keep these items away from the reach of your pet, so that he’s not able to eat them.
  2. Over eating: Another main reason that can disturb a pet’s digestive system is serving them excess food. Since, they are animals, they can’t judge how hungry they are. In almost all cases, a dog will surely clean the whole food bowl, no matter it was half or fully filled. Overeating can lead to vomiting or stomach aches. Therefore, serving a limited amount of food with 6-7 hour gaps is the responsibility of an owner.
  3. Unclean home: We all know that hygiene is the key to healthiness. An unhygienic, unclean home can lead to growth of bacteria and virus that can cause severe diseases. Since, dogs are in habit of licking surfaces, they are likely to get in contact with these organisms. To prevent them from falling ill, keep your home clean.
  4. Gastritis: One of the common dog disease is gastritis. If your companion is suffering from gastritis, he’ll avoid eating food and will act lazy. In this condition, the intestine walls get inflated, that leads to an upset stomach. Its advised to take your pet to a renowned pet hospital for getting treated.
  5. Sudden change in diet: Few pets have sensitive stomach, that gets disturbed with a change in diet. Though a dog may not be eating the outside food, a change in home diet can disturb his digesting capability. For example: you may be serving complete meals during lunch and suddenly, converted the meals into dog feed. This change may be hard to digest, and can lead to frequent stomach pains.

These were the few reasons that can result in an upset stomach in dogs. Never ignore pet health issues, as they do feel pain. In case, you aren’t able to diagnose your pet’s problem, consult our professional vet as soon as possible.

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