4 Proven Tips To Treat Paw Problems in Dogs

Dogs are loving and adorable animals that are believed to be the best friend of humans. It is essential for all pet owners to take care of their companions along with offering them quality living and food. There are many health ailments associated with dogs that can only be treated effectively by veterans.

Paw problem is one among them. Since dogs walk barefoot, they are always on a high risk for paw infections. If this issue is left unnoticed or untreated, it may lead to leg amputation or nervous breakdown. To prevent and recognize the underlying issues, its advised to take a dog to a veterinary hospital for annual medical examination.

Causes of Paw Problems:

  1. Dog pads are soft and they do get hurt when a sharp or pointed item pricks its foot. An injury of paw can cause bacterial or worm infections.
  2. There is another reason for a paw issue and it is the fungus or parasite attack. A parasite that gets attached to a dog’s claw can slowly start spreading wounds and infections that can further cause difficultly in walking.

Treatment of Paw Problems:

  1. If you realize that a dog has received a paw injury, clean the wound with water and antiseptic and apply an antibiotic cream. To prevent licking off the cream, tie a bandage on it. In case, the wound is severe, immediately take him to a vet.
  2. Grown and curly nails can cause sores under the foot pad. Therefore, always make sure that you should clip down the nails of your pet regularly.
  3. Use anti infection creams to prevent and cure paw infections that are generally caused due to bacterial growth.
  4. In case, the worms and parasites have attacked your loving pet’s paws, schedule an appointment with a local veteran for proper diagnosis and effective treatment.

Dogs are much like humans with same feelings and emotions. The only difference is that they can’t speak and explain their state of mind. Since a pet is dependent on his owner for love and care, it’s your responsibility to provide him a happy, healthy and quality life. If you are looking for a veterinary hospital in Toronto, then Humberwood Animal hospital is here to serve your vet needs.

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